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 What's on your mind?

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Ill Will Studios

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Join date : 2010-10-14
Location : Blackstone, Va

PostSubject: What's on your mind?   Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:35 pm

This is for any Questions that you my have for me about my videos...
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PostSubject: Preset installation   Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:51 pm

What up Ill Will, thanks for all the help and tips you offer, thats all love fam...
My question to you would be, Where would i install the bomb factor presets? Im new to pt8,
but im learn a whole lot from you and others like you thanks.
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Dj Hustlenomics

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PostSubject: Re: What's on your mind?   Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:02 pm

I Need Dj Drama's Sound Effects..... The Silencer & Body Drop Effects... If Anyone Can Help It Would Be Great
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Posts : 1
Join date : 2011-11-30

PostSubject: Re: What's on your mind?   Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:41 pm

Hey ill mutch respect from a latino brother from Puerto Rico.I have been watching your tutorials and i gotta say im inpress by the way forgive my poor english lol i do a lot for being born and race in this bitch PR lol but anyway at first i toad you where the Alchemist lol look a lot alike
but i can tell u have the talent and the dedication so god bless for what your doing lol dont thake me for a christian person but for a real mather fucker i bulive that good will like yours only comes from good and the hard so keep it up and follow that destiny man you are a heat of it.Any way man im a sound engineer from PR has there are a lot lol but first real thing is i hate fucking raggaeton merengue and salsa shit. on the real i like some songs cost i grewup listening to them.But my father is born race is the bronx So i grew up listening to the supreams/jackson5/the beatles/marvingaye u know motown shit love the sound of those old longplains any way im a musician i love music
i dont follow any genres i like some more than others yeah but dont fallow any genres.I like to think of music like an expression happy/sad/in love/cultural/social u know humors and a i try to let that humor be the guide to expresset in music.I have play bass /percussion on 2 raggae bands know.I bulive have and influce to like i love hip hop /raggae i mean real caribbean st.croix raggae lol/dancehall/rnb u know real talk r.kelly lol na but has produccin i look at music like a challenge.I think to my self (example) can i realy do a techno cost is not my thing but
is not about what i like. Is about the challenge to my self as a producer to push my self to do it and att my own flavor to it and that people and my self are comfortable whit the results.So Ill im sorry for my "bullshit" but before i start asking questions i shust wannet to talk a little about my self and where im coming from for you not to take me for another raggetonero same loop matherfucker okey lol.

So Ill my first question is:Is mastering my beat correct?I mean like mix/pre mix and finally master.By theway if this is not the correct way to properly Master a beat let me know the flow cost im a little come fuse lol.PREMIX/POSTMIX/PREMASTER/POST MASTER im realy comfusse
please hit me whit that one alsou Ill lol.Okey the thing a bout the first question is if my beat is master then there is no room for my vocals am i right am i wrong?Please let me know bro

then again keep helping the world man the world will help you back as is problabbly doing Mutch love to the world and the musicians you have a brother in the caribbean Ill ill wait for your answer
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PostSubject: Re: What's on your mind?   

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What's on your mind?
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